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About Us

Our Values

Asia Medical Affairs Solutions Inc. was established in 2002. For the last two decades, as one of the few medical and pharmaceutical consultation companies with multiple specializations, we have assisted innumerable products in their successful entry into the greater Asian market. We have successfully completed inspection and registration of products in more than 20 countries. We sincerely look forward to leveraging these experiences to provide you with inspection, registration, and professional consultation services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and foods in various countries.

For many years, confidentiality has been the most important principle strictly followed by Asia Medical Affairs Solutions. In doing so, Asia Medical Affairs Solutions has received extremely high acclaim and many accolades from the industry. With good faith, we sincerely ask you to allow us to help you in resolving various regulatory matters and obtaining permits to sell products on the market, thereby enabling you to cast products into the market without lingering worries. In this way, good products may be released into the world at the right times.


Asia Medical Affairs Solutions deserves your trust for the following five reasons:

Our Focus

For the last 20 years, Asia Medical Affairs Solutions Inc. has continuously pursued the following three ideals in providing our clients with the most sincere service:

  1. Fidelity: Focus on client products, honoring service commitments, and scrupulously observing the principle of confidentiality.

    Asia Medical Affairs Solutions treats every client product as its own, never giving up on a permit application until absolutely necessary. Our attitude is sincere and we never make promises that we cannot keep because we care about the accuracy of every response. We have a well-regulated and responsible team that always complies with the rigid precept of confidentiality for our clients.

  2. Professionalism: Comprehensive familiarity with regulations, based on scientific methods, and clear understanding of industry practices.

    Asia Medical Affairs Solutions has formed the most professional consultant team to present optimal consultation quality after integrating expert opinions. We seek to maximize client products under the existing system, so that they can enjoy stable development without crossing legal boundaries. We hope to provide each client with solid and timely professional services, as well as precise and flexible practical recommendations.

  3. Interdisciplinary approach: Integrating professional areas, traversing various fields, and covering all dimensions.

    Asia Medical Affairs Solutions knows that clients feel lost and troubled when there are an unknown number of regulatory obstacles standing in their way before new products can be released. In Taiwan, we are a truly rare interdisciplinary and professional medical and pharmaceutical consultant team. We have sufficient ability to help determine the optimal attributes of a product, so that the client can cover all bases in making the best choices in its applications. The client can then rest easy and devote efforts to promoting the product on the market.


we have successfully completed inspection and registration of products to obtain selling permits from the following countries:

Our Experiences

For the last 20 years, domestic and foreign industry leaders and well-known brands have favored and relied upon Asia Medical Affairs Solutions, with product registration categories spanning pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, and foods. With gratitude, we have completed these tasks without letting our clients down. In turn, major foreign manufacturers have praised us or even directly appointed our company to provide assistance. 

-臺灣 Taiwan
-中國大陸 China
-香港 Hong Kong
-新加坡 Singapore
-日本 Japan
-韓國 Korea
-澳大利亞 Australia
-印度 India
-印尼 Indonesia
-馬來西亞 Malaysia
-菲律賓 Philippines
-泰國 Thailand
-越南 Vietnam
-以色列 Israel
-土耳其 Turkey

-美國 U.S.A.
-加拿大 Canada
-墨西哥 Mexico

-英國 U.K.
-法國 France
-德國 Germany
-義大利 Italy
-葡萄牙 Portugal
-西班牙 Spain
-比利時 Belgium
-瑞典 Sweden
-瑞士 Switzerland
-捷克 Czech Republic
-冰島 Iceland
-馬爾他 Malta

-南非South Africa

-澳大利亞 Australia
-紐西蘭New Zealand

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Our Partners

In association with Chengde Law Office, Asia Medical Affairs Solutions also provides legal consultation services. Chengde Law Office is a legal services team managed by professional attorneys; the standard of its operations and the unchanging mission of its services are to support the weak and to achieve justice. The robust development of democracy and economy are founded on strengthening rule of law; in view of the general inadequacy of common legal practices in Taiwan, Chengde has consistently emphasized the promotion of legal concepts and focused on participation in public welfare events. Chengde hopes to give back to society, making laws more accessible while integrating them into everyday life in the creation of an environment of sustainable legal practice.

Chengde Law Office

Managing attorney: Attorney Shu-chun Tu

Graduated from College of Law, National Taiwan University

  • Experience-
    Passed National Bar Examination
  • Completed the Fair Trade Act Seminar at Fair Trade Commission, Executive Yuan
  • Completed fifth session of arbitrator training at Ministry of Justice
  • Pro bono attorney at Modern Women’s Foundation
  • Pro bono attorney at Legal Aid Foundation

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